Tracking Off-line Ads

About Us

Dall'altO is owned and operated by Webotech Ltd (London, UK), a company that specialises in software and technology solutions. We have always used technology to solve difficult problems for our clients, Dall'altO was born from the idea of solving similar problems but for ourselves.

Over the years we have perfected our knowhow and developed proven techniques that we used for the end to end solution at Dall'altO. The Dall'altO off-line tracking service solves a difficult real world problem; understanding the performance of off-line advertising campaigns.

Our aim is to offer an affordable service for all; from a yoga teacher who wants to know if a poster in the local community centre is working, to large corporations that want to benchmark off-line advertising approaches against each other.

Feel free to get in touch, here are our contact details:

📞 +44 (0)56 0364 1537
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